AV Design Portfolio

Nathan's work as an AV Designer on professional theatre projects. 


Blue Bones

by Merlynn Tong,
presented by Playlab Productions with Brisbane Powerhouse, 2017
received 6 Matilda Awards including BEST AV DESIGN, 2017

Based on the true story of two teenagers' romance as it blossoms then warps in the heat of bustling Singapore, 'Blue Bones' is a seamlessly executed, vibrant, genuinely beautiful one-woman show. A multi-lingual, multi-media production, with multiple characters, songs, kung fu and arcade dance games, a whirlwind of passion and naivety, violence and courage.



created by Lisa Wilson & Paul Charlier
produced by Metro Arts at Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, 2017

A contemporary dance work weaving music and design through interactive technology. Wireless uses familiar applications on mobile phones held by and attached to dancers to create and control an accompanying musical score in order to give eavesdropping and surveillance both shape and sound on stage, creating an inter-media dance-theatre work about trust, privacy and control.



by Kate Shearer, Seeing Place Productions
creative development, 2016
premiere season, 2017

A site-specific performance at the Southport Aquatic Centre, co-produced by Bleach Festival. Large-scale projection mapping across three different spaces (incl. olympic sized swimming pool). Plunge takes a venue that will have the world watching during the 2018 Commonwealth Games and invites audiences to look at it anew through the power of story and image. 



by Shock Therapy Productions
at The Arts Centre Gold Coast, 2016
at NORPA, 2018
nominated for Matilda Award: BEST AV DESIGN, 2016

An episodic comedy that explores the culture of viral video sharing. Staged with up to seventeen projection surfaces in a black box theatre.


It's Not the Heat, It's the Humidity

by John Willsteed
staged at Brisbane Powerhouse & QUT CreateX Festival (2015-16)

An autobiographical docu-drama performance using cultural ephemera from Brisbane's music history. Renowned Brisbane musician and now academic John Willsteed summons precious visions of a lost time, where faces and places and sounds long buried and forgotten, bloom and sway and speak again.


Locked In

by Shock Therapy Productions
creative developments 2015-16
touring seasons - Norway & Denmark 2017

A multidisciplinary, physical performance exploring human connection, communication and our sensory and extrasensory experience of the physical world. Inspired by the novel The Diving Bell and The Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby and fusing physical performance, sound and projection. A charming piece of visual magical realism.


He Dreamed a Train

by Force of Circumstance, presented at Brisbane Powerhouse 2014 & 2017
written by Margi Brown Ash, directed by Benjamin Knapton
nominated for Matilda Award: BEST TECHNICAL DESIGN 2014, BEST AV DESIGN 2017

The heart-warming story of a writer and her entrepreneur brother as they face his premature death. Combining old-fashioned storytelling with projection mapping and visual illusion.


Mercy Thieves

staged by Dennehy Productions and Jo & Co Productions
presented at the Arts Centre Gold Coast 2014

A black comedy by Australian playwright Mark Kilmurray. Part homage to the gangster movie, part Shakespearian tragedy, this blunt and blackly funny play melds cinematic and theatrical traditions in a wild road trip tale complete with a Tarantino-esque sound-track.



by Benjamin Knapton
presented at The Loft, QUT, 2013

The outcome of Benjamin Knapton's PhD research project. Four projection surfaces with live feed, moving panels, illusory scrims and dream-like sequences. A visual and physical performance that deals with grief and memory.


The Social Me

produced by Markwell Presents & Artslink Queensland
tour of QLD Secondary schools, 2012
co-designed with Brad Jennings

An in-schools touring show about social media relationships. Cinematic projection used to stage a story set mostly inside the characters' phones. 


Bear With Me

by David Megarrity, performed by Tyrone & Lesley
first presented by QPAC's Out of the Box Festival, 2012

An intimate concert especially for teddy bears, their children (and their grown-ups), Bear With Me is playful, ukulele-ful and made for joining in. It’s about looking after, and being looked after.



by Benjamin Knapton
remount production at QUT Gardens Theatre 2011

A visually stunning one-man-show about the journey of an Australian 'foreigner' (gaijin) in contemporary Japan. The outcome of Benjamin Knapton's Masters project, observing the practice of Robert Lepage.


The Harbinger

by Dead Puppet Society
original production for La Boite Indie, 2011
received a Groundling Award for
co-designed with Amelia Stephenson & Kate Mary Palella

Large-scale projection-mapping and hand-wrought 2D animation formed a key design feature of this original production. The Harbinger was later re-developed for La Boite's mainstage season in 2012, and a national tour shortly after that.


I Feel Awful

by The Black Lung Theatre & Whaling Firm
presented by Queensland Theatre Company & Brisbane Festival, 2011
creative development, 2010

A commissioned work for Michael Gow's departure from QTC. I Feel AWFUL chews up the very idea of theatre, and spits it out at your feet. If Nero fiddled while Rome burned, The Black Lung would join him on electric guitar, bass and drums.


Alice in Wonderland

by Flipside Circus at the Brisbane Powerhouse, 2009
design for Markwell Presents

A visually spectacular circus show by the talented Flipside ensemble. Like a dream, the story of Alice in Wonderland is staged non-verbally with a series of physical feats and cinematic illusions.

Other AV Credits Include:

  • Spectate (with Nevin Howell for Counterpilot, 2017)

  • Tyrone & Lesley in a Spot (2016)

  • Song (with Brad Jennings for Markwell Presents, 2015-16)

  • Woodford Folk Festival Opening Ceremony (2015)

  • Vis & Ramin (Creative Development 2015)

  • The Go-Go-Getters (Sound Design, Out of the Box Festival 2010)

  • Cinematic Design for 12+ Assorted High School Productions for Markwell Presents Artist Residencies (2010-16)