Total Dik

Co-Devised by Nathan Sibthorpe
with Todd MacDonald, Chris Kohn, Matt Delbridge & Lee McGowan.

pictured: Nathan Sibthorpe, Matt Delbridge, Todd MacDonald.

pictured: Nathan Sibthorpe, Matt Delbridge, Todd MacDonald.

A transmedia performance work that explores Dictatorship via the use of mass media...

Kim Jong Il kidnapped famous filmmakers to help him create a communist monster movie. Adolf Hitler starred in propaganda films that are now considered art. The daughter of Karimov, Uzbekistan's most feared dictator, is an auto-tuned pop sensation.

And then there was the guy who took over a desalination plant, declared it a micro-nation and began a local radio broadcast...

Total Dik (or 'Platform') takes over a green screen studio to tell and broadcast the story of a dictator. At the same time, it examines notions of control and media manipulation, from dictators throughout history, to dictators in everyday life.

Production Details

Originally developed through Queensland Theatre Company as part of their Creative Development Series in 2013.

Total Dik (under the new title 'Platform') is currently seeking opportunities for further development and presentation.

For more information, please see the Pure Fresh Platform website.