The Chicanery of Some Dumb Play

Some Dumb Play - Aussie Theatre - Reviewed by: Sonny Clarke on Tuesday 06 November 2012

“…There is something deeply disturbing about walking away from an experience and realising you have been had and that was how I felt as I walked away from the Metro, numb and feeling abused and shamed. That was the moment that I realised that this ‘play’ was something quite brilliant. Some Dumb Play just happens to be a play, within a play within a lesson and like lab animals attached to electric charges those little vote buttons have the ability to reward you or slap you in the face – the choice is yours, but it is a collective choice, majority rules and do you dare to question the decision of the majority?...” 

“…Then a turning point vote that may expose the audience as a room of creeps or misfits is slipped into play. It seems we were an audience of creeps (with the exception of the few voices calling out from the audience is disagreement of the vote) and suddenly we were being shocked by what we were watching, we should have left, most of the actors did – but we stayed and behaved as expected — awkward laughter at something that wasn’t really funny any more.

In a time where technology has comfortably distanced us from reality, and losing your phone is more depressing than losing your integrity, Some Dumb Play holds up a mirror to what we have become — a wired and desensitised society with some interesting ideas on entertainment and belonging…”

Some Dumb Play

Australian Stage - Written by Matt O’Neill

“Some Dumb Play is as much a work to be admired as it is to be enjoyed.”

“Some Dumb Play almost certainly doesn't make the most of its intriguing concept – but it definitely doesn't waste it. Rather than try to craft a narrative complex and substantial enough to accommodate so many variables, directorNathan Sibthorpe and ensemble have fully embraced the chaotic, messy, insane potential of their premise. Indeed, failure is written into the plot of the piece itself.”

“That's really Some Dumb Play's masterstroke. Already blessed with such an ambitious foundation for their work,Sibthorpe and company wisely avoid trying for anything more sophisticated and over-extending. Quite the opposite – they actively court embarrassment.” 

“Given that Some Dumb Play is effectively a testing ground for a particularly risky concept, it's appropriate that its creators focussed their efforts on fun and entertainment over artistry and precision. At the end of the day, it is actually an absurdly fun show. Something to be both admired and enjoyed. You don't know what's going to come next, if it's going to work or if it's all part of some twisted plan.”

“One could say many things about Some Dumb Play - but you could never call it boring.”

Some Dumb Play

OffStreet Press - Review by Kelly Wong - Sue Benner Theatre, Metro Arts, Tuesday 6 November

“Some Dumb Play is ironic. It’s far from dumb. In fact, it pushes technological and theatrical boundaries. Their first preview night last Tuesday gave an insight into how theatre can be changed to adapt with the times. The preconceived idea that you can be entertained by only what writer-director, Nathan Sibthorpe, forces you to see is thrown out the window.”

“Half the fun is not knowing entirely what will happen next, and even when you’ve voted, you AND the actors don’t know how it’ll turn out in reality. There was discomfort for some audience members as the play progressed due to the lack of direction, which the play thrives on. Regardless, be prepared — after the show you’ll be having heated debates with friends about what really did happen in that whirlwind 70-minute performance.”

“Some Dumb Play is actually That Amazing Play.”