Sob Story

Written & Directed by Nathan Sibthorpe

photo by Kristen Trollope. pictured: Matthew O'Neill, Daniel Chlonta.

photo by Kristen Trollope.
pictured: Matthew O'Neill, Daniel Chlonta.

Welcome to the TED Talk that will make you cry.

Three almost-performers stand before an audience with something to prove. If we can understand and dissect our own emotions, then surely we can overcome them - after all, emotion is just something we learnt from the movies, right?

Armed with pop cultural references and assumptive logic, they begin to distill the essence of sadness. Dying pets, rainy windows and slow motion birds. Misery, despair and woe. The more we learn, the less we should feel... except there's something that just doesn't fit on the graph...

Sob Story is a darkly comic devised piece in the style of GobSquad and post presents post. It’s a performative challenge, a human experiment, but perhaps also a deadpan cabaret to celebrate just how empty we feel inside...

Production History

Initially developed with support from The Arts Centre Gold Coast through their Works-in-Progress Program. Further development and presentation opportunities are currently being sought for the future life of Sob Story.

Full Credits

Performed & Co-Devised by:
Candice Diana, Daniel Chlonta & Matthew O'Neill.

Mish Grigor

Stage Manager & Design Assistant:
Kristen Trollope