Tyrone & Lesley in a Spot

created by David Megarrity & Nathan Sibthorpe


Spotlighting 15 years of fine music and foolishness, Tyrone and Lesley shine a magic lantern on music: an adventure in screen and song.

The inimitable Tyrone and Lesley entwine their beautiful, funny music with moving images of skies, suns and moons, clarity and clouds, dull bulbs and high windows. A ukulele-led dance of screen and song where there are no wallflowers, it’ll transport you all the way to exactly where you are. It’s funny ha ha, funny weird and a little bit funny valentine. It’s Tyrone. It’s Lesley. It’s their high spots in bright lights. Tyrone and Lesley are in a Spot.

Charming, poetic, absurd and unique, you have never seen anything like this.

Songs by David Megarrity and Samuel Vincent
with Kellee Green
Written by David Megarrity
Projections by Nathan Sibthorpe
Performed by Tyrone and Lesley
Produced by Metro Arts

Premiere production:
Queensland Cabaret Festival 2016
12th June, Brisbane Powerhouse